Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jobless Etiquette

Some woman was just on the Today show talking about "Jobless Etiquette". There was a lot of jibberish talk but she made two good points. One was: if you ask someone what they do and they say "I got laid off" don't act like they just said they have three months to live. I feel much better about saying "I got laid off" then I did about saying what I used to do. Your job starts becoming part of who you are in people's minds and I felt like it made me a tool. So when you respond "Investment banking" I might act like you just said you have three months to live. No offense. The other was that if you're out with a group of people and only one person lost their job, the others should pick up their share of the tab. This is the smartest piece of advice ever given during the Hoda and Kathie Lee hour. Who has a job and wants to go to Per Se?


  1. Do you suppose the second tip might also apply even if everyone has a job but all the others make considerable more money than you? Hmmm....

  2. We need to get that second piece of advice broadcast on every channel all day long. I hope the people I'm going out with tonight are reading this...And yes, mhgdblog that totally counts, i recommend saying you're only going to eat the free bread which will make them feel bad for you and pay for your meal.

  3. Many of my friends are surprisingly awesome at this. Being unemployed has gotten me free meals and drinks and tickets and even a night at the circus. All from people who don't even wanna sleep with me! And yes, saying you're just gonna drink water with dinner also helps.

    ~Unemployed and Fabulous