Saturday, April 11, 2009

Real Housewives of New Jersey

God damnit. I have spent a good portion of the last 10 years of my life as an unofficial spokesperson for the state of New Jersey and now one show is not only going to undo all my hard work but set us back another 20 years -- thank you "The real, dirty, whore housewives of New Jersey". I just saw the preview for the show and wept for 20 minutes afterwards. Was True Life "I have a Jersey shore house" not enough? Did that not do enough to confirm the stereotypes that everyone from New Jersey wears wife beaters and will start a fight with an ant? I grew up in New Jersey and didn't realize till I went to college that everyone didn't love it as much as I did. The first time someone said I was from the "garbage state" I went back to my room, cried and called all my New Jersey friends who were attending various colleges on the East Coast to discover that they were receiving the same abuse. Listen, I understand that there are points when you're driving on the turnpike where it smells like death and that there are a lot more cigarette butts and stereos on the Jersey shore than most beaches but no state is perfect. I've traveled a good part of this country and can tell you that some of the trashiest people and places I've seen have been in Golden, Colorado and Philadelphia. I'm pretty positive that Bloomberg or the state of Connecticut are funding all this anti-New-Jersey TV propaganda. I mean, come on, I don't even think those "real housewhores" are even women, never mind from New Jersey.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm just not a clapper

And I'm literally talking about clapping. On more than a few occasions recently I have been asked to clap and get excited on command. One example being the Amazing Race auditions. While we were waiting on line the guy running the show kept yelling "Is everyone excited??? Let me hear you!". Not only was I cringing in disgust but I couldn't even manage to feign excitement. Now don't get me wrong I am a very excitable person, I'm loud and animated but when its being demanded of me I just can't seem to perform. Maybe I'm just missing a phony gene because I had the same problem when it came to my clients at my last job. I just could never really fake anything, like interest in what they were saying or God forbid having to go out for a drink with them(oh, maybe this is why I got laid off). On more than one occasion Aldous and I were in meetings with clients when they would suggest going for a drink and I would freeze in horror at the prospect and usually say "absolutely not" or "only if you leave after one drink but leave your credit card down". We're going to a live taping of a talk show next week and I know they are going to make us do corny shit like wave and laugh on cue, I'm dreading it. I think I'm going to have to start watching Wheel of Fortune to prep for it, those people are fully insane, like they should walk those people off the set and right into the loony bin.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Shit

I've heard stories about people writing companies to compliment their products and in return getting free shit. Like if you write Kellogg's and ramble about how awesome Pop-Tarts are they'll send you a bunch of boxes as a 'thank you'.  I mentioned this to someone recently and they said Oprah had a whole show on it. I thanked that person for the info and then punched them for watching Oprah. Kellogg's can only send out so many Pop-Tarts, so I'm hoping Oprah hasn't ruined it for me by getting a ton of people to try out that move. So on my to-do list for tomorrow is send complimentary hand-written letters (to show you're really sincere) to people I want free shit from. So far I have: Post to get free Blueberry Morning cereal, Jack Link's for free beef jerky, and my management company for free rent. I think it's gonna work for all three of those.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So what do you do?

I can't decide if it was worse when people asked me this when I had a job or now that I don't. When I had that job I hated I was always so depressed to tell people about it, I would mumble 'advertising' and walk away. After a few rum and cokes sometimes 'advertising' would turn into 'I create, design and produce all of Nike's advertising' but otherwise the question just reminded me how miserable I was in my job and how badly I needed to get out of it. Now that I'm unemployed I've seen the reaction I get to 'I got laid off' which at first was funny just to see people skirm but now its kinda annoying telling people that I'm really happy and it was the best thing that ever happened to me because no one believes it, even though its 100% true. So my latest thing is straight up lying and I'm really starting to like it. I started out slow with "I have a bookdeal" but I'm ready to take this to the big leagues -- I'm thinking "I do wardrobe for Rock of Love" or "I teach bears how to ride tricycles for the circus". I'm accepting suggestions...


I used to hate blackberries, mostly because it meant people from work expected me to be available at all times. People have even started adding co-workers to their BB pin contacts. That shit's tricky because you can tell when someone has read the message. So you want to know what some dumbass co-worker is pinning you about but don't want to have to respond.  But now that no one has any reason to harass or annoy the shit out of me I kind of want one again. I'm not really sure what I would use it for since the only emails I get are from vendors of viagra and lovely ladies looking for a good time. I could facebook from the bus though. If I ever decipher the bus system.

Black Eyed Peas

It truly blows my mind how the Black Eyed Peas are getting away with scamming the world. I just heard their "new" song, are they serious? The Black Eyed Peas have ONE song and they have managed to rename it 15 times and market it as different songs. It cracks me up that people buy their albums...with the same song replayed 15 times. You would save a lot of money if you bought the single and just hit repeat. The thought of them in the studio really makes me laugh, I can just hear Fergie saying, 'wait do you think this sounds too similar to our last song?' And some producer is like 'Nooo, this is totally different, in this song we're saying awwww yeaaa, instead of ohhhh yeaaaa.' They must have the same marketing team as Trader Joes, when Chuck Schumer is done going after Ticketmaster, the Black Eyed Peas should be next on his list.