Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Shit

I've heard stories about people writing companies to compliment their products and in return getting free shit. Like if you write Kellogg's and ramble about how awesome Pop-Tarts are they'll send you a bunch of boxes as a 'thank you'.  I mentioned this to someone recently and they said Oprah had a whole show on it. I thanked that person for the info and then punched them for watching Oprah. Kellogg's can only send out so many Pop-Tarts, so I'm hoping Oprah hasn't ruined it for me by getting a ton of people to try out that move. So on my to-do list for tomorrow is send complimentary hand-written letters (to show you're really sincere) to people I want free shit from. So far I have: Post to get free Blueberry Morning cereal, Jack Link's for free beef jerky, and my management company for free rent. I think it's gonna work for all three of those.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahahahhahahah! yesss the rent is GOING to work. valid argument, I think.