Monday, April 6, 2009

Black Eyed Peas

It truly blows my mind how the Black Eyed Peas are getting away with scamming the world. I just heard their "new" song, are they serious? The Black Eyed Peas have ONE song and they have managed to rename it 15 times and market it as different songs. It cracks me up that people buy their albums...with the same song replayed 15 times. You would save a lot of money if you bought the single and just hit repeat. The thought of them in the studio really makes me laugh, I can just hear Fergie saying, 'wait do you think this sounds too similar to our last song?' And some producer is like 'Nooo, this is totally different, in this song we're saying awwww yeaaa, instead of ohhhh yeaaaa.' They must have the same marketing team as Trader Joes, when Chuck Schumer is done going after Ticketmaster, the Black Eyed Peas should be next on his list.

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