Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who needs a blackberry

So yes blackberries are great and convenient and it did take me a while to adjust to life without one until....I realized that you can take your laptop anywhere! On the bus, in the grocery store, at the park, on dates! Now I'll take my laptop just about anywhere and treat it just like a blackberry. I'll be out to dinner with a friend and we'll be trying to figure out where to go for drinks after and I'll pull my laptop out of my bag and within minutes hellooo Citysearch. I'm thinking I need some sort of strap to go around my neck that I can hang my computer from, theres a business idea for you. I really think with so many people losing their jobs and their precious blackberries that this is going to catch on and become all the rage. I mean if Nicole Richie is already doing it....


  1. I say you start doing it, but with a desktop. It'll get real awkward at restaurants as you move people's plates around to make room and then have to move the table to get closer to a power outlet. Awesome.

  2. Instead of a neck strap I'll just have to start carrying a suitcase those nerd kids whose parents are determined to make them losers and won't let them carry a backpack.