Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The things we'll do for free booze

Its amazing the things you'll do when you don't have a job and have plenty of time to kill. The latest being, the Unemployment Olympics. If case you haven't heard of it, it was a day put together for unemployed New Yorkers that involved various events, such as 'Pin the blame on your boss' and a race to the unemployment office. We decided to attend because there were prizes including bar tabs, which Aldous actually won and we proceeded to use immediately. It must have been a slow news day because every media outlet showed up to interview participants. After making a pact to not do any interviews, we were practically chasing after reporters by the end of the day, the taste of fame went right to our heads. We're probably going to be discovered, but y'all can say you knew us back when we were just bloggers...


  1. I saw you (and your blog on Time Out New York at the Unemployment Olympics. Just wanted to say I love your blog and can pretty much guarantee that you are having waaaay more fun being unemployed than us working stiffs! I'd love to hear how your managing the budget - I have a job and find it hard to do...

  2. yay! so nice to meet you guys :) i was nick's sister in the gray shirt and messy hair. congrats on winning the phone toss!!!