Wednesday, April 1, 2009

$5 Footlongs

If you've ever "dined" at Subway you know that most six inch subs are just under five bucks. So now, with this whole five dollar footlong thing, you get twice as much sandwich for an extra eleven cents. Like any normal human being I cannot pass up this deal and always get the footlong regardless of how not hungry I am. After forcing myself to eat many a footlong and wanting to vomit every time I think I came up with a plan. I'll stand outside of Subways and ask people to get the footlong and give me the half they don't/ shouldn't want. Then I'll either start a charity that gives food to homeless people or eat them myself. If I go with the first option I could probably get into a good business school or something like that.


  1. you guys are HILARIOUS. I'm totally reading this on a regular basis.

  2. Well thank you, very married, glad you're enjoying it. Pass it on and tell your friends so we can stay unemployed as long as possible.