Thursday, March 5, 2009

F'd up teeth

I decided to read Catcher in the Rye on my down time (I actually had two calls yesterday to get two different projects rolling, so I now consider some parts of my day "down time"). During the first few pages there's a part that reminded me of a random thing that used to annoy the shit out of me about my old office. The narrator describes his neighbor's teeth and how they always look "fuzzy" and disgusting. If I had read this book while I still had a job I would type out that passage and print it out poster size and put it outside my desk. I'd say 60% of people there had crust on their teeth that had apparently been there for years. That kind of yellow shit that looks like plaster and has filled in every space around their teeth and made the fronts of them look like those textured walls. Sometimes catch phrases spread at offices, like "Sophie's choice" or "Monday morning quarterback" or "let's look at it from 30,000 ft". At that office word got out that dirty ass teeth made you sound smart. There was also a serious B.O. problem. Strange but true.

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