Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Class of '09 - sorry guys

Previous post reminds me that someone had asked me to talk to a senior from Villanova who wanted to get into my ex-industry (it's lame so I won't get into it). I kept scheduling calls with the kid but kept having to re-schedule. Half-way through that process I got shit-canned. I never wrote him back. I feel like kind of a dick but when I think about it a lot I think I did him a favor.
A) if I had to give advice on that kind of thing it'd be mostly bullshit and B) he should do something different with his life, and that may be kind of a downer for a kid who just majored in it. So if you ever read this dude, you're welcome.
And to everyone graduating this year from college, good timing with the whole being born in the late 80's thing.

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