Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Government wins, I give up and head to DC to handle this is person

Yea, right.  I'm here to party.  

After setting my alarm for 8am to call the unemployment office and getting the same spiel they gave Aldous -- "try next week at which time we know you will have completely forgotten about this (damn, they know me so well) I decided to get on the train to DC.  One of my "employed" friends is at a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental so I figured I would come down and see how many free hotel services I can take advantage of.  Also hoping to be discovered by some congressman looking for someone to parade as the face of the "new unemployed" or maybe I can conveniently place myself in the front row of a rally and let the prez know that I need a job. 


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  2. I, on the other hand, got a haircut and tried to find cool O'Neil/Billabong t-shirts to buy. Not sure why, maybe because being 16 was pretty rad. Either way I'm proud of what now constitutes a productive day.

    *Also - two words Sarah Marshall - grammar check