Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Three

Went to the gym this morning. I think going to the gym is an important part of not wasting away during one's 'sabatical'. I keep wondering what all the trophy wives at the gym think about me. Do they think the one dude at the gym on weekdays at 11:00am is self-employed (and therefor goes whenever he wants) or do I have "I have no job" tatooed on my forehead? Some of them are kind of hot in a cougar kind of way so I'm hoping they think the former. 
Speaking of oldness and fake boobs, saw the biography of Hugh Hefner on the Biography channel (top 5 channels of all time). He started Playboy at 27 because after going to an event at his old high school he realized he wasn't living the life he had imagined for himself. Hugh Hefner is now my new idol. After Spencer.

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  1. I also went to the gym yesterday to prepare myself for my 'find a rich husband' project and ran for the first time since I pretended to participate in the Corporate Challenge. Lets just say, getting out of bed this morning has been a significant challenge.