Monday, May 18, 2009

Digital Will

Apparently there are a bunch of companies popping up these days that help you plan for what will happen to your "online life" once you die. So lets say your facebook account and your blog etc. There are services that you can pay about $30 a year for where you hand over all your passwords and info and then when you die I guess someone has to email them to get all your info. I'm not really sure why anyone would need to do this, like if I die who gives a shit what happens to my facebook page, what is my mom going to log on and write on my wall "Sarah's dead, RIP". The last thing I need is her seeing any of the scandalous pictures that people feel the need to tag me in on facebook. It has gotten me thinking though about what will happen to the blog if lets say Aldous and I get trampled by elephants when we're on the Amazing Race. I'm trying to think of who would be able to carry on our legacy, if you're interested please let me know, requirements include lots of free time and no shame.

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