Thursday, March 26, 2009

Has anyone heard of Facebook?

About a week ago I got the piece of mail that every unemployed person dreads - I got selected for a meeting with the Unemployment Office (so I figure I'm busted). I go there this morning expecting, given the state of NYC's economy, to see a lot of people like myself (young, good-looking, well-dressed) but instead it was every unemployed stereotype come to life -- people who look like they've been living off unemployment since Crazy Eddie's closed down and this was the first time they have left their house. I really wish I took a picture of the woman running the session, she was 95 years old, wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat - I am in no way exaggerating. So shes telling us about all the great resources the worldwide web has available to us - for example, Facebook. "Does anyone here do facebook and can you tell us what is it". At this point there are tears rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard, I look up expecting everyone to be rolling their eyes but no, someone actually raises their hand and explains to the freaks that Facebook is a networking site where you can reconnect with people you've lost touch with, seriously, I'm not joking, people were taking notes. We go through this same thing with LinkedIn and pretty much every website. And that was it, seriously, then it was over, at least I know now that if this is what the government is doing to get people back to work the recession will go on forever, thank you government.

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